Urinary System

The human body excretes about 1.5 liters of urine a day. 


The urinary system produces, stores, and excretes urine.

 Major Organs and Functions in Order of Urination
(following a drop of urine)

  1. Kidneys - remove urea from blood. Urea, water, and other waste substances form urine and travels through the ureters.
  2. Ureters - the ureters direct the urine to the bladder
  3. Bladder - the bladder stores urine until it is ready to be excreted
  4. Sphincter - controls to open of close the opening to the urethra

Urethra - urine passes through here as it exits.

The Kidney

The kidney is surrounded by tough fibrous tissue. Kidneys receive blood from the renal arteries and transported out through the renal veins. Each kidney excretes through the ureter. Nephrons are the urine producing structures of the kidney span the cortex and the medulla. The medulla being the innermost part of the kidney while the cortex being the outer.